Completed Case Studies

Work has been completed for the following case study. We welcome your contributions.
NoCase Study ProjectSolver usedAbstract FileContributor NameInstitute/ UniversityYear
1Numerical Simulation Melting of Ice using OpenFOAMchtMultiRe gionFoamDownloadVignesh.s.pAnna University2020
2Numerical simulations of flow characteristics over a triangular hump using OpenFOAMinterFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2020
3Numerical simulations of water flow in a open channel using OpenFOAMinterFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2020
4Numerical simulations of water-jet in OpenFOAMinterFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2020
5Atmosphere in a differentially heated rotating annulus: Baroclinic wavesbuoyantBou sinessqPim pleFoamDownloadShivam SwarnakarIIT Bombay2020
6Numerical simulations of fluid flow and heat transfer in a heater using OpenFOAMchtMultiRe gionFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2020
7Numerical simulations of impact of a droplet on the surface of water using OpenFOAMinterFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2020
8Numerical simulations of flow over a flat plate in OpenFOAM and FluentsimpleFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2019
9Numerical simulations of Sieve Plate Pulsed Column using OpenFOAMinterFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2019
10Numerical simulations of freely falling droplets of water in OpenFOAM and FluentinterFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2019
11Numerical simulations of tubular reactor hydrodynamics using OpenFOAMtubeFoam (modified laplacianF oam)DownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2019
12Numerical simulation of tubular reactor with chemical reactions using OpenFOAMtubeChemFo am (modified laplacianF oam)DownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2019
13Numerical simulation of heating pipe using OpenFOAMsimpleTher mFoam (modified simpleFoam )DownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2019
14Numerical simulations of tank filling in OpenFOAMinterFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2019
15Validation of laminar pipe flowsimpleFoamDownloadRaj Kumar SainiIIT Bombay2019
16CFD simulation of flow through pipe to validate Entrance length and fully developed Flow in laminar & turbulent flowicoFoam & pisoFoamDownloadManoj PaithaneMaharashtra Institute Of Technology, Pune2019
17Magneto-Hemodynamic Flow in a Two-Sided Lid-Driven CavitynonNewtoni anMhdFoamDownloadPadmini PriyadarshiniIIT Bombay2019
18Simulation of Fighter Aircraft in sonicFoamsonicFoamDownloadBhaskar SAnna University Chennai2019
192D turbulent buoyant flowbuoyantSim pleFoamDownloadA. Sibo AnthonyNIT Manipur2019
20Effect of transverse magnetic field on the conducting fluid flow through pipe with constrictionmhdFoamDownloadPadmini PriyadarshiniIIT Bombay2019
21Air-flow in bed-room with rotating fan explaining cyclic AMI in OpenFoampimpleFoamDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGujarat Technological University2019
22Mach Reflection: Flow over a Forward facing SteprhoCentral FoamDownloadAshley MelvinIIT Bombay2019
23Validation of Stoke's LawsimpleFoamDownloadRaj Niraj PatilNIT Agartala2019
24Magnus Effect: Rotating Cylinder in a Turbulent FlowpimpleFOAMDownloadAshley MelvinIIT Bombay2019
25Laminar Flow across an Oscillating CylinderpimpleDyMF oamDownloadAshley MelvinIIT Bombay2019
26Pressure Driven Flow through a Nozzle connected to a ReservoirrhoCentral FoamDownloadAshley MelvinIIT Bombay2019
27Detached Bow Shock Formation in a Supersonic Flow over a WedgerhoCentral FoamDownloadAshley MelvinIIT Bombay2019
28Flow through a Convergent-Divergent NozzlerhoCentral FoamDownloadAshley MelvinIIT Bombay2019
29Visualization of the bubble and its growth, along with mixing phenomenon in multi-jet fluidized bed.twoPhaseEu lerFOAMDownloadShivam SwarnakarNIT Nagpur2019
30Rayleigh-Benard ConvectionbuoyantBou ssinesqPim pleFoamDownloadAshley MelvinIIT Bombay2019
31Rayleigh-Taylor InstabilityinterFoamDownloadRaj Niraj PatilNIT Agartala2019
32Hydraulic JumpinterFoamDownloadRaj Niraj PatilNIT Agartala2019
33Analysis of body(sphere) falling in liquid(water)overInterD yMFoamDownloadRaj Niraj PatilNIT Agartala2019
34Analysis of flow behavior when obstructed by moving vanepimpleFoamDownloadVignesh.s.pSri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Anna University2019
35Cooling of sphere - natural and forced convectionchtMultiRe gionFoamDownloadVignesh.s.pSri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Anna University2019
36Simulation of water droplet impact on hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfacesinterFoamDownloadVignesh.s.pSri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Anna University2019
37Model vertical axis wind turbine with dynamic meshpimpleFoamDownloadJishnu HandiqueNIT Manipur2019
38Film cooling on a flat plate by air-water mist injectionreactingMu ltiphaseEu lerFoamDownloadJishnu HandiqueNIT Manipur2019
39Dust particles tracking inside a model roomDPMFoamDownloadJishnu HandiqueNIT Manipur2019
40Numerical study of flow of electrically conducting fluid over an airfoilmhdFoamDownloadRahul RadhakrishnanVellore Institute of Technology2019
41Different discretization schemes in OpenFOAMscalartran sportFoamDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGovernment Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat Technological University2019
42Falling of water droplet on the pool of waterInterFoamDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGovernment Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat Technological University2019
43Simulation of incompressible magneto-hydrodynamic flows (MHD) using mhdFoam solvermhdFoamDownloadAnant TalasikarD. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai University2019
44Numerical investigation of fluid flow around NACA0012 airfoil using OpenFOAMpisoFoamDownloadSubham Kant DasIIT Jodhpur2019
45Analysis of free-falling wedge onto water using OpenFOAMoverInterD yMFoamDownloadVignesh.S.PAnna University2019
46Lift and drag force analysis on cambered aerofoil for different chord lengthsimpleFoamDownloadGanesh Kumar KNational Engineering College, Kovilpatti2019
47Experimental and numerical investigation on the effects of jet Reynolds number and nozzle-plate spacings on single round air jetbuoyantBou ssinesqSim pleFoamDownloadGikku TomMar Athanasius College Of Engineering, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2019
48Natural convection study of air between heated wallsbuoyantSim pleFoamDownloadJishnu HandiqueNIT Manipur2019
49Hydrodynamics study of a bubbling fluidized bedtwoPhaseEu lerFoamDownloadJishnu HandiqueNIT Manipur2019
50Effect of slotted hole on film cooling using OpenFOAMbuoyantSim pleFoamDownloadJishnu HandiqueNIT Manipur2019
51Air flow analysis in an empty room using OpenFOAMpisoFoamDownloadJishnu HandiqueNIT Manipur2019
52Wind analysis around tall buildingssimpleFoamDownloadRatish DixitVellore Institute Of Technology, Chennai2019
53Simulation of transition between regular and mach reflection of a poly-tropic gas in a dual-solution domainrhoCentral FoamDownloadRohanBms College Of Engineering2019
54Implementing streamwise periodic boundary condition in OpenFOAMsimpleFoamDownloadHarikrishnan SIIT Madras2019
55Water flow simulation in a elbow draft tubeicoFoamDownloadArpit Arvind JainMaulana Azad National Institute Of Technology2019
56CFD analysis af an aerofoil NACA 4410 and estimating its coefficient of lift and dragsimpleFoamDownloadAntim GuptaVellore Institute Of Technology - Chennai2019
57Annulus water jacket cooling of an induction motorbuoyantSim pleFoamDownloadM DeveshVellore Institute Of Technology2019
58Simulation of shocktube problem using pisoCentralFoampisoCentra lFoamDownloadSathish Kumar KanniappanIIT Bombay2019
59Simulation of supersonic flow over wedge using pisoCentralFoampisoCentra lFoamDownloadSathish Kumar KanniappanIit Bombay2019
60CFD simulation and experimental validation of flow through a mouthpieceinterFoamDownloadRajat WaliaVellore Institute Of Technology2019
61Aerodynamic study of Formula-1 carsimpleFoamDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGujarat Technological University2018
62Multiphase flow simulation over INS VikramadityainterFoamDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGovernment Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat Technological University2018
63Simulating multiphase flow over cylinder and simple boat using OpenFOAMinterFoamDownloadSiddhant SaraswatNIT Surathkal2018
64Study of flow around a re-entry space capsule and a parachute using OpenfoamsonicFoamDownloadVishish BeheraSRM University2018
65Flow visualization on v-gutter and teethed v-gutter flame holderssimpleFoamDownloadBhaskar STagore Engineering College, Anna University2018
66External incompressible flow over hull of shipsimpleFoamDownloadSiddhant SaraswatNIT Surathkal2018
67CFD analysis of a bullet trainsimpleFoamDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGovernment Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat Technological University2018
68Air flow simulation around a bullet using OpenFOAMsonicFoamDownloadAkash PadmaneIIT Bombay2018
69CFD analysis of a centrifugal pumpsimpleFoamDownloadAashay TinaikarIIT Bombay2017
70Airflow simulation over Ahmed bodysimpleFoamDownloadViraj BelekarIIT Bombay2017