Completed Case Studies

Work has been completed for the following case study. We welcome your contributions.
NoCase Study ProjectSolver usedAbstract FileContributor NameInstituteYear
1Water Flow Simulation In A Elbow Draft TubeDownloadArpit Arvind JainMaulana Azad National Institute Of Technology2018
2Cfd Analysis Of An Aerofoil Naca 4410 And Estimating Its Coefficient Of Lift And DragDownloadAntim GuptaVellore Institute Of Technology - Chennai2019
3Annulus Water Jacket Cooling Of An Induction Motor.DownloadM DeveshVellore Institute Of Technology2018
4Simulation Of Shocktube Problem Using PisocentralfoamDownloadSathish Kumar KanniappanIit Bombay2019
5Simulation Of Supersonic Flow Over Wedge Using PisocentralfoampisoCentralFoamDownloadSathish Kumar KanniappanIit Bombay2019
6Cfd Simulation And Experimental Validation Of Flow Through A Mouthpiece.DownloadRajat WaliaVellore Institute Of Technology2018
7Aerodynamic Study Of Formula-1 CarDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGujarat Technological University2018
8Multiphase Flow Simulation Over Ins VikramadityaDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGovernment Engineering College2018
9Simulating Multiphase Flow Over Cylinder And Simple Boat Using OpenfoamDownloadSiddhant SaraswatNit Surathkal2018
10Study Of Flow Around A Re-Entry Space Capsule And A Parachute Using OpenfoamDownloadVishish BeheraSrm University2018
11Flow Visualization On V-Gutter And Teethed V-Gutter Flame HoldersDownloadBhaskar SAnna University2018
12External Incompressible Flow Over Hull Of ShipDownloadSiddhant SaraswatNit Surathkal2018
13Cfd Analysis Of Bullet TrainDownloadVariya Divyesh DilipbhaiGovernment Engineering College2018
14Air Flow Simulation Around A Bullet Using OpenfoamDownloadAkash PadmaneIit Bombay2018
15Cfd Analysis Of A Centrifugal PumpDownloadAashay TinaikarIit Bombay2017
16Airflow Simulation Over Ahmed BodyDownloadViraj BelekarIit Bombay2017