Research Migration Project

'Research Migration Project' is an initiative that looks to promote and facilitate the usage of open source tools for CFD Design and Analysis. Specifically, it looks to create a large resource database of research problems solved using OpenFOAM. To build this database, we invite and encourage contributions from research scholars, students and faculty members from various colleges involved in CFD related study.

To contribute to this database, the researcher can choose a feasible CFD problem solved using a commercial CFD code and published in any leading journal paper or conference proceedings, and solve the same using OpenFOAM. Once it passes through our quality checks it will become part of this common database of ‘Research Migration’ examples. To ensure that your efforts are recognized and will benefit your career, an approved ‘Research Migration’ will be provided with an eCertificate.

Technical Requirements:

  • Any student (UG, PG, research scholars etc.) who has basic knowledge of Computational Fluid Dynamics and OpenFOAM. You may learn about OpenFOAM using the Spoken Tutorials on OpenFOAM.
  • Research Migration Project aims to only post studies that are reworked and reproduced in OpenFOAM. Any feasible CFD study published in a journal paper or conference proceedings, and solved using commercial CFD software/in-house codes can be used for this purpose.
  • Please refer to the Completed Research Migration Projects for a better understanding of what constitutes a ‘Research Migration’.