OpenFOAM Hackathon

The OpenFOAM Hackathon was a platform for the CFD-OpenFOAM community to show their skills in OpenFOAM. Participants upgraded solved Case Studies into the latest versions of OpenFOAM  (v10 and v2212) according to the standards of or
FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, has reopened the platform for the CFD enthusiasts to continue this activity. Anyone can pick up any case study and upgrade it to the latest version of OpenFOAM (v10 and v2212). The participants are expected to submit the case files of the upgraded case study, along with the report. The participants are also expected to do at least 2 peer reviews. FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, will pay an honorarium of Rs. 500 to an individual participant on completion of one case study upgradation plus two peer reviews. FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, will recognise the contribution of each participant, their institute and their guide, through a URL. Participants can avail the opportunity of referring the URL anytime in future. 
Please follow the instructions below to participate in the Case Study Upgradation Activity of the OpenFOAM Project, FOSSEE, IIT Bombay:
Step 1: Click here to select any one solved Case Study on OpenFOAM 
Note: Select a Case Study that would match your area of interest/ expertise. The Case Study(ies) that you will select needs to be solved by 20th Jan 2024. You may make multiple submissions within this mentioned date.  
Step 2: Submit the case files of the upgraded Case Study along a report.**
Note: You may release a Case Study before the period that is stipulated for the problem and take up another one that matches your expertise. 
Step 3: After you submit the case files and report, you will be requested to take up at least 2 case studies submitted by other participants for review. 
Submission Guidelines
  1. Log in to the CFD website and submit a proposal here.
  2. Click on the My Submissions tab on the left-hand side menu to upload your case files. 
  3. In case we do not receive your submission by the end of the completion date, the submission will be released back to the repository.
  4. To submit more problems, mark the current one completed and propose a new problem using the same proposal form.

Submission Checklist:

  1. A zip file consisting of the Case files updated to the latest version selected while submitting the proposal.
  2. A report that contains the post-processing results of the case study. The results should be matching with the one that is already there in the previous version. 
  3. The report should be ideally a one page document containing the post processing results like contours, plots etc. **