Available project titles

NoList of available projectsComplexityNo of days to complete
137Study of flow around a re-entry space capsule and a parachute using Openfoam39
136CFD analysis of a bullet train39
135Multiphase flow simulation over INS Vikramaditya412
134Simulating multiphase flow over cylinder and simple boat using OpenFOAM39
133Flow visualization on v-gutter and teethed v-gutter flame holders26
132Aerodynamic study of Formula-1 car412
131Water flow simulation in an elbow draft tube26
130Simulation of transition between regular and mach reflection of a poly-tropic gas in a dual-solution domain39
129Annulus water jacket cooling of an induction motor39
128CFD simulation and experimental validation of flow through a mouthpiece39
127CFD analysis of an airfoil NACA 4410 and estimating its coefficient of lift and drag13
126Simulation of supersonic flow over wedge using pisoCentralFoam39
125Simulation of shocktube problem using pisoCentralFoam39
124Implementing streamwise periodic boundary condition in OpenFOAM39
123Wind analysis around tall buildings39
122Lift and drag force analysis on cambered airfoil for different chord length13
121Air flow analysis in an empty room using OpenFOAM39
120Effect of slotted hole on film cooling using OpenFOAM39
119Hydrodynamics study of a bubbling fluidized bed39
118Natural convection study of air between heated walls39
117Experimental and numerical investigation on the effects of jet Reynolds number and nozzle-plate spacings on single round air jet412
116Analysis of free-falling wedge onto water using OpenFOAM39
115Numerical investigation of fluid flow around NACA0012 airfoil using OpenFOAM39
114Numerical study of flow of electrically conducting fluid over an airfoil39
113Simulation of incompressible magneto-hydrodynamic flows (MHD) using mhdFoam solver39
112Falling of water droplet on the pool of water39
111Different discretization schemes in OpenFOAM26
110Dust particles tracking inside a model room39
109Film cooling on a flat plate by air-water mist injection39
108Model vertical axis wind turbine with dynamic mesh26
107Simulation of water droplet impact on hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces412
106Cooling of sphere - natural and forced convection39
105Analysis of flow behavior when obstructed by moving vane515
104Analysis of body(sphere) falling in liquid(water)412
103Hydraulic Jump39
102Rayleigh-Taylor Instability39
101Rayleigh-Benard Convection39
100Visualization of the bubble and its growth, along with mixing phenomenon in multi-jet fluidized bed.39
992D turbulent buoyant flow39
98Flow through a Convergent-Divergent Nozzle39
97Detached Bow Shock Formation in a Supersonic Flow over a Wedge39
96Pressure Driven Flow through a Nozzle connected to a Reservoir39
95Laminar Flow across an Oscillating Cylinder515
94Magnus Effect: Rotating Cylinder in a Turbulent Flow26
93Mach Reflection: Flow over a Forward facing Step39
92Validation of Stoke's Law26
91Air-flow in bed-room with rotating fan explaining cyclic AMI in OpenFoam39
90Numerical Simulation of Vortex Shedding Suppression From a Circular Cylinder Using Rigid Splitter Plates26
89DSMC simulations of Mach 10 hypersonic rarefied flow over a 2D cylinder412
88Effect of transverse magnetic field on the conducting fluid flow through pipe with constriction39
87Simulation of Fighter Aircraft in sonicFoam412
86Magneto-Hemodynamic Flow in a Two-Sided Lid-Driven Cavity39
85CFD simulation of flow through pipe to validate Entrance length and fully developed Flow in laminar & turbulent flow13
84Numerical Simulation Melting of Ice using OpenFOAM39
83Atmosphere in a differentially heated rotating annulus: Baroclinic waves39
82CFD analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer in a shell and tube heat exchanger in OpenFOAM412
81Flow Prediction around a NACA0012 Airfoil at low Reynolds Number13
80Gravity Driven Flow39
79Supersonic flow over a Double-Wedge Airfoil26
78Supersonic Flow over Multiple Wedges (Shock-on-shock Interaction)39
77Numerical simulation of water bottle filling in openFOAM39
76Aerodynamics of Tesla cyber truck39
75Study of boundary layer separation over NACA 662-015 symmetric and cambered airfoil through numerical method13
74Natural Convection in an Enclosure Heated From Bottom39
73Performance Analysis of a Novel Surveillance UAV using OpenFOAM39
72Isothermal incompressible fluid flow through a T-Junction26
71Prediction of pressure, velocity distributions and visualization of flow patterns around NACA -2415 Airfoil for various angles of attack13
70Flow Over Heated Flat Plate Having Unheated Starting & End Length39
69CFD study of ventilation in a room maintained under negative-pressure to prevent airborne contamination412
68Coanda Effect: variation with curvature radius for laminar fluid jets39
67A CFD study on 2D SCRAM jet Intake using OpenFOAM39
65Plasma Skimming through branched microchannel using OpenFOAM39
64CFD study of deLaval nozzle with Fanno and Rayleigh condition39
63Simulation of 3-D Disinfectant Spray to Study Optimal Spray Cone Angle and Discharge Rate39
62Reduction of Pressure Fluctuation on Hydrofoil NACA 0015 Using Cavitation- Bubble Generator39
60Study of Flow Pattern and Lift and Drag on a cylinder with two inlets at diametrically opposite points with parabolic velocity profile at inlet39
59Study Of Flow Pattern and Vortices in a backward-stepped flow with two inlets26
57Study of coanda effect in turbulent jets39
56Turbulent Flow in a Diffuser26
55Flow past an Elliptic Cylinder26
54Study of Taylor Couette Flow26
53Flow Through Offset Fin (Characterisation of Offset Fin in Term of Friction Factor)39
52Thermal Simulation of Electric Vehicle Battery39
51Flow over consecutive heated cylinders for a dynamic fruit cooling system39
50Parametric Study on the Effect of Baffles on Fuel Tank Sloshing39
49Performance analysis of photovoltaic-thermal liquid collector by CFD simulation412
47Effect of Boundary Conditions and turbulence model on wake of a 3D underwater obstacle39
46CFD analysis of Jet driven multiphase flow39
45Fluid jet impinged into another fluid matrix39
44Numerical study on the heat transfer characteristics of oscillating flow in Cryogenic regenerators39
43CFD analysis of Flow around a Golf Ball39
42Influence of Aspect Ratio and Thickness on Dynamic Stall of a Finite Wing39
41Inspiratory Steady Flow Analysis in Symmetrically Bifurcating Lung Airways26
40Ballistic Coefficient of a .338 caliber Lapua Magnum VLD Projectile39
39CFD Analysis of a Planetary Gearbox26
38A Comparison Study of Drag correlations for a Dispersed Multiphase flow in a Fluidized bed39
37Analysis of active control of vortices generated by a bluff body in a flow using rotating cylinders39
36CFD Simulation of flow through pipe: A comparative study on cyclic and inlet-outlet type boundary conditions in OpenFOAM26
352D Battery Cooling using Natural and Forced Convection39
343D modelling of Porcupine River Training Works39
33CFD analysis of flow past staggered tube array using 2D RANS turbulence models26
32Large Eddy Simulation of a confined planar jet opening in a rectangular channel26
31Voltage Response of a Li-ion Battery Cell using OpenFOAM39
30Transitional Modelling of flow over flat plate26
28Rising Bubble with Mass Transfer using interFoam412
27Transitional Modelling of flow over sphere39
26Study for Constant and Time Varying Transient flow Analysis of Forward and BackwardFlow through Tesla Valve in 2D using Ramping and Pulsating Inlet Flow(OpenFoam v9)39
25Running OpenFOAM on Android26
24Pollutant Dispersion Modelling using CFD: A walkthrough of solver development in OpenFOAM39
23Laminar flow through fuel cell stacks39
22Flow past nine cylinders in square configuration26
21Simulation of Flow over Fin and Heat Transfer through Fin in Forced Convection by Cyclic Boundary Condition39
20CFD analysis of Fins39
19Study of Convective Heat Transfer over Series of Tubes by Cyclic and Symmetric Boundary Condition39
18Forced Convection through Helical Pipe with Constant Wall Temperature39
17Ventilation Analysis of Nuclear Lab, IIT Bombay39
16Comparison of Fin Design for Convective Cooling of Heat Sinks39
152D Simulation of H-Darrieus type vertical axis wind turbine using transition turbulence model in OpenFOAM515
14Simulation of Flow Through A Y-splitter26
13Multiphase simulation using OpenFOAM for calculating ship hull resistance39
12Study of MultiForm Single Chamber Oscillating Water Column in OpenFOAM39
11CFD 2D analysis on air jet impingement using chtMultiRegionFoam in OpenFOAM39
10Heat transfer analysis in I section beam39
9Effect of Convexity on onset of Rayleigh-Bénard Convection in Convex and Concave Cylinders39
8Simulation of Hydrocyclone with solid particles412
7Heat Transfer Enhancement In Fluids Using UltraSonic Waves39
6Numerical Analysis of Flow Past a Blunt Heated Cylinder using OpenFOAM39
5Passive Propulsion in Vortex Wakes26
4The Effect of Flexible Flaps on the flow dynamics of a Stalled Airfoil39
3Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow across a Sinusoidal Microchannel26
2To observe the effect of hydrodynamic flow and mixing during heating and cooling on heat transfer coefficient in a Straight Tube39
1Evaluation of Parametric Effects of Microstructural Riblets on the Boundary Layer Flow over Flat Plate39