• FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, offers a 3-Day Online Workshop on the Basics of CFD & OpenFOAM

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  • 'Meet & Greet' Session on OpenFOAM for engineering colleges across India

    Date: 29th April & 9th May 2022

    The CFD-OpenFOAM team, FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, led by Prof. Janani Srree Murallidharan introduced OpenFOAM, its capabilities and advantages to faculty members, research scholars and students all over India. It was an interactive session wherein the participants cleared their doubts related to OpenFOAM and queries on collaboration with the OpenFOAM team, IIT Bombay. The team presented the opportunities and participation options for students and faculty members in the OpenFOAM project in detail. They were also given a brief about the activities of the FOSSEE Project of IIT Bombay.

  • OpenFOAM Beginners' Workshop conducted online in September 2020

    131 engineers were trained by CFD, FOSSEE, IIT Bombay. The workshop was conducted in a unique manner by breaking out into various classrooms. Each classroom session was conducted by 2 TAs who used OpenFOAM 7 Spoken Tutorial series to conduct the workshop. Prof. Janani Srree Murallidharan introduced the participants to the basics of CFD and OpenFOAM and also helped them understand the underlying physics behind each problem.

    The workshop helped the participants to switch from Windows to Linux OS, and from a commercial CFD software to OpenFOAM. They learned the basics of OpenFOAM and committed to using opensource software in their research projects.