Case Study Project

Case Study Project involves solving a feasible CFD related problem statement (based on research papers, journals etc) in OpenFOAM. This programme is for college students and graduates, through which they can improve their job potential by getting

  • eCertificate: Certificate stating completion of Case Study Project,  offered by FOSSEE after approval of Case Study Project
  • Honorarium: A well executed Complex Case Study with proper validation of the OpenFOAM simulation results with analytical/simulation (via commercial packages)/experimental  results will be provided with an honorarium of INR 1000 to INR 8000, depending upon the quality and content of the report and manual. Amount will be distributed equally amongst contributors, in case of more than 1 contributor per Case Study.
  • Display of Case Study on website with Contributor names and their university affiliations

To go through guidelines and procedure for Case Study Project click here.

FOSSEE CFD is also offering FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 through Case Study Project.

The Case Study Project aims to promote usage and documentation of OpenFOAM: Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software by developing CFD based case studies using OpenFOAM.