Case Study Project

Case Study Project is an initiative that looks to promote and facilitate usage of open source tools for CFD Design and Analysis. Specifically, it looks to create a large resource database of  CFD problems that have been solved using OpenFOAM. Furthermore, it aims to build this database through a “for-and-by the CFD community” model, in that we encourage participation of the entire CFD community in building this database which in turn will benefit the community.  This initiative hopes to do this by focusing on the most dynamic part of the CFD community, the college students (UG, PG, research scholars etc).

The case study project encourages you to solve a feasible Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) problem statement of reasonable complexity using OpenFOAM. Once it passes through our quality checks it will become part of this common database of solved examples. To ensure that your efforts are recognized and will benefit your career, an approved Case Study will be provided with an honorarium and an eCertificate.

Technical Requirements: 

  • Any student (UG, PG, research scholars etc) who has basic knowledge of Computational Fluid Dynamics and OpenFOAM. You may learn OpenFOAM using the Spoken Tutorials on OpenFOAM.
  • The Case Study Project aims to ONLY post solved case study in the form of high-end simulation problems using OpenFOAM. Any standard case study ​which is not copyrighted​ can be used for this purpose. Please check this detailed checklist to make sure your case study meets these criteria.
  • Case Study may also be chosen from the list of Available Project Titles.
  • Please refer to the Completed Case Study Projects for better understanding of what constitutes a ‘Case Study’.