To submit Proposal Form:

  1. Prepare a 1 page abstract describing the CFD problem statement.  To view a sample abstract, click here.

  2. Create a FOSSEE CFD account and log in to the website. To create an account click here.

  3. Fill the Case Study Proposal Form with contributor details.

    • For FOSSEE Fellowship each proposal should have ONLY 1 contributor. For Fellowship details click here.

    • Mentors are not accepted for Case Study Projects.

    • Only 1 proposal per form is accepted. To go to proposal form click here.

  4. Submit the proposal form.

  5. After acceptance of proposal, a deadline to submit Case Study Project will be accorded to you. Click here to view the Important Dates and Deadline for FOSSEE Fellowship.

To submit Case Study Project:

  1. Prepare a Case Study Project Directory in a .zip or .tar.gz folder which has the following:

    • Mesh file that can be imported from CFD software like ANSYS/GMsh/Salome or created using OpenFOAM utilities.
    • Simulated case directories using OpenFOAM 4.0/4.1/5.0 or foam-extend 3.1/4.0.
    • Contours, plots and data files post-processed using ParaView and/or Python scripts.
    • Minimum 3 page report of Case Study Project in pdf format specifying software details and dependencies on other codes/functions (if any). For report format please refer to Sample Case Study.
  2. To upload the Case Study Project Directory

    1. For FOSSEE Fellowship 2018, submission portal will be available from 17 March 2018.
    2. For regular Case Study Project Submission, upload the Case Study Project Directory on this link.
  3. Fill and send the Required Forms. To view the forms click here

  4. If not selected for FOSSEE Fellowship, your project/s will still be evaluated under CFD Case Study Project after submission

For any further queries contact us at contact-cfd(at)fossee(dot)in