My hands on openfoam

OpenFOAM is a unique tool to understand CFD and has been a perfect book to understand the foundational aspects of computational sciences. Unlike conventional methods that restricts us from venturing into the skeleton of the software, OpenFOAM gives us the advantage of exploring and manipulating the techniques involved as it is a openware and is efficient enough for innovations to be incorporated.

Fossee at IIT Bombay has been a good support in connecting many students to easy access and learning of computer thereby bridging the gap in computer litreracy in steps.The Fossee CFD module being OpenFOAM, have made a better link to computer literacy computational skills and underlying physics,thus completing the education picture.

My fellowship at FOSSEE had me exposed to the ways in which, developers can explore the soffware and students can change the education scenario through FOSS and Outreach.
- Bhaskar Srinivasan, Student, Centre for Space Science Technology Education in Asia Pacific

I’ve been using OpenFOAM for my final year project and I gained some experience through my project, but I lacked a community which supports and helps to learn OpenFOAM. FOSSEE gave what I was lacking, it provided a platform for learning and sharing knowledge. I got to meet lots of people who are interested in OpenFOAM from different parts of India. A great thanks to Mr. Sathish and Ms. Deepa for being our mentor and Dr. Shivasubramanian Gopalakrishnan for guiding us through the fellowship.

- Vignesh S.P, Student, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore