It is usually argued that OpenFOAM has a very steep learning curve. But with the IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials, this learning curve can be tackled with relative ease. Unlike other commercial software, OpenFOAM is easily accessible, free of charge and setting up OpenFOAM is very easy. The availability of source code helped my dive deep into the numerical schemes used in any problem I was trying to solve. OpenFOAM comes with enough tutorials that help beginners who have difficulty setting up cases from the scratch.

- Ashley Melvin, Student, IIT Bombay

OpenFOAM and FOSSEE are the key to access such an complex Engineering material. When I started using OpenFOAM, every commercial software seems easy and less detail oriented. OpenFOAM gives wide access to compile and modify problem, solver and data. Best part are Video tutorial and open access to reports and case study on FOSSEE website. After learning, anybody can contribute to develop software and to improve documentation by making real engineering problem case studies.

- Divyesh Variya, Student, Government Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat

FOSSEE IIT Bombay provided me great opportunity to understand what CFD and OpenFOAM really is. I had the opportunity to apply OpenFOAM over INS Vikramaditya model and studied the multiphase pressure and velocity characteristics in the domain. The mentors Mr. Sathish and Ms. Deepa were very supportive. It was an overall fulfilling experience, and anyone looking for exposure should definitely apply.

- Siddhant Saraswat, Student, NITK surathkal


My M.Tech supervisor asked me to learn OpenFOAM. At that moment, I didn't have any idea about this FOSS. I started with YouTube videos and found Spoken Tutorials of FOSSEE, IITB. They explained the basics of OpenFOAM very well. The Spoken Tutorials helped me a lot in the learning of this FOSS. Later, I got the opportunity to come to IITB for the FOSSEE fellowship program. I met the professors, mentors and the other fellows there.  They helped me to solve some problems on which I was facing difficulty earlier. So, my experience with FOSSEE was very good. 

- Jishnu Handique, Research Assistant, NIT Manipur

I used OpenFOAM for my class assignment for "Turbulence and Combustion" in Spring 2012 at IITB, in which I asked the students to solve for turbulent channel flow at high Reynolds number using RANS (Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes) models and compare the output with Direct Numerical Simulation data. I referred students to the FOSSEE spoken tutorial website for learning the basics of OpenFOAM, which they found to be very useful. One of the big advantages of using OpenFOAM was that the students could simply download the software into their laptops for free, and I did not have to worry about giving them access to any licenses. Moreover, the students were able to learn the software fairly quickly, and got a great hands-on learning experience on using RANS models.

- Amitabh Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai