Case Study Procedure

The procedure is as follows:

  1. You could propose your case study project, using the proposal form available here. You must submit a one-page proposal of the project along with the form while applying. The deadline for submitting your project will be three months from the date on which your proposal is accepted.
  2. Please make sure that the case study proposed by you is a complex CFD problem and is solvable with the application of accurate physics. If it is found that the problem statement is not feasible, the project might be cancelled at any stage.
  3. You must ensure that the case study project you are proposing has not been previously completed or undertaken under this project. Click on Completed Case Study Projects and Case Study in Progress to see the respective lists.
  4. The final files of the test case along with a 3-page report should be uploaded online on the interface. All the files should be compressed together in a .zip or .tgz file. The report should be made using LaTeX only. All the LaTeX files used in creating the report should be sent. The versions of OpenFOAM and Paraview which are used for simulation must be stated in the report.
  5. If it is a project which involves mentors and multiple contributors, consent must be taken from all involved parties before applying. All material submitted by you will be made available online on our websites under CC-BY-SA4 licence: link. A copyright transfer in this regard must be signed by each applicant.
  6. You are required to use OpenFOAM only, for simulation purposes. Resources are provided at OpenFOAM Resources. Learning OpenFOAM is easy and if someone listens to and practices the Spoken Tutorials on OpenFOAM, it can be learned in 7-8 days. For use of any software package other than OpenFOAM, contact us at contact-cfd (at) fossee(dot)in
  7. Please send us either of the following as proof for mentor ID verification:
    1. Link to the official faculty web page (to be sent to contact-cfd (at) fossee (dot) in)
    2. A copy of a letter from the head of the department on institute/college letterhead stating that particular person is a staff member of the mentioned department. The student should send the scanned copy of the letter before the case study proposal is approved. The hard-copy of the letter should be sent along with the internship forms.           
  8. Review of the case study - The review of the case study will typically take approximately 7 to 10 working days to finish. If the test case is found to be not producing the desired result during the review process, the student will have to recheck and resubmit all the files again. Each time you resubmit the case files, it will be queued up with other review requests and will result in subsequent delays and revision of your honorarium.
  9.  After the final submission, you should fill the Required forms and post it to us. All the required forms are available at Required Forms
  10. Candidates who successfully finish the case study as per the specified procedure will be awarded a project e-certificate: "Certified that the work completed is equivalent to twelve weeks of training under the supervision of the concerned faculty of IIT Bombay".
  11. Your project team will be awarded an honorarium of ₹ 5000 to ₹ 8000 (depending on the complexity of the case study as per the reviewer’s discretion) for completing this work.For any further query or clarification, please contact us at the following email address: contact-cfd (at) fossee (dot) in.

NOTE: The case study should not be a part of any copyrighted material(Eg. Research Paper, Patent, etc.)