Case Studies Project

The Case Studies Project aims to promote open source software, such as OpenFOAM by developing complex case studies using OpenFOAM available to CFD researchers and users for reference and usage. The participants of this project can share complex computation problems for this purpose. For example, B.Tech Project, M.Tech Thesis, etc.

The CFD Case Studies Project is managed by the FOSSEE project, IIT Bombay. This programme is for college students and graduates who are willing to undertake an internship with FOSSEE, IIT Bombay. The applicant should mention all the colleagues and mentors involved in solving the case studies.

NOTE: The case study should not be a part of any copyrighted material(Eg. Research Paper, Patent, etc.)                

The objectives of this project are:

  1.     To promote the usage of OpenFOAM in high-end simulation problems
  2.     To improve the documentation available for OpenFOAM                

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