General Guidelines

  1. Strictly use OpenFOAM-2.2.x and above for solving cases.
  2. The dependencies on other codes/functions (if any) should be mentioned as a comment clearly before starting the case.
  3. Do not copy problem statement/text from other sources.
  4. All the outputs must be displayed in an appropriate format (along with units mentioned).
  5. All the plots must have appropriate labels on its axes.
  6. Please note that the case study proposal will not be approved if required proof of identification is not submitted.
  7. The codes should be sent in a .zip file which must include the following:
  8. 1) OpenFOAM case file
    2) Geometry i.e .stl file/ .obj file / .geo file etc
    3) Mesh file (if any)
    4) 3 page report using LATEX only (All LATEX files should be uploaded).
    For sample LATEX template click here

Note: Lack of regularity on your part may force us to cancel your project.