OpenFOAM is a free and open source CFD toolbox. It has a very large database across engineering academia and commercial front. OpenFOAM has an extensive range of features to solve anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics and electromagnetics.
OpenFOAM comes with several features.
To list a few :

  • Incompressible flows
  • Multiphase flows
  • Combustion
  • Buoyancy-driven flows
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Compressible flows
  • Particle methods
  • Solid dynamics
  • Electromagnetics


  •  Users can generate Mesh in OpenFOAM.
  • Mesh files can be imported from other mesh formats to OpenFOAM.
  • Mesh generated can be manipulated.


  • OpenFOAM data can be viewed in Paraview or converted to VTK format.
  • Post-processing can also be done with the help of other third party post processing software.

Some other features of OpenFOAM also include :

  • Ability to custom create solvers according to a given problem statement.
  • Users can also implement different Linear Algebra solvers, ODE methods.
  • OpenFOAM solvers can be run in parallel using Open-MPI.
  • Support for Dynamic Meshing.